Thursday, May 11, 2006

some photo-related links

I'd like to recommend you to visit some pages. You probably already know them, and these are also found via google, but hey, who cares :)

Sven Zacek - outstanding estonian nature photographer. I'm personally a huge fan of his photos and there are no shots in my libraries that reach even close for that kind of excellent work. Awesome!

Tõnu Ling - another outstanding Estonian nature photographer. If Sven is specified (is he?) more to wildlife, Tõnu is specified more to landscapes and that kind of stuff. Do not hesitate to click, and perhaps you can even buy something from the site? :P

okay, there are many great photographers, but I'll check them out later :P

Now, some photo related sites of Estonia:

- FotoKala - probably one of the first sites allowing to upload your photo, so the others could critisize it and so. There's some serious art out there, and if you do not tolerate critique, this site is not for you :) many professionals are spending time there, so if they're in the bad mood (or just arrogant) they come and smack you up. I also started with that site, I reached for the mark of ~4.5 but today it has been exhausted for me as a channel to distribute my photography, I visit it often for new fresh art shots, though. Recommended :)

- Looduspilt - pretty new nature photograpy related site. As it is pulled by mr Zacek and his friends (I hope I remember right), there are a lot of activity there. I bet even more as the summer is about to begin soon. Very good contest/upload-type site for every kind of nature photographers.

okay, there are many others, but hey let's have something for the next time as well :P

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