Thursday, May 25, 2006

Anders Quickver's flash page

ok here - link - is a link for Swedish flash designer porfolio page.
It's made almost four years ago, so you can imagine what can be done today with such a poweful tool like Flash. Last year Adobe has bought Macromedia, so Adobe's a big player in the field today (with its Photoshop, and now also Flash).

So I recommend you to learn some flash (oh, me? I'm lazy,*cough*) if you wanna be an outstanding performer in the field :) .. khmm and also if you want to know the score what's going on in Estonia's new media design, you should visit pixel :) not sure if the community is active these days (visited it a few years ago), but there's also archives + links to great design sites of all times.

I've been recently also been designing some "skins" I think I should upload some examples here as well how do they look like. Designing skin usually consists of 2 parts:

- graphics for the skin
- code that makes it work.

So I'm responsible for the graphics for that kind of bloody applications these days :) (ugh, code? :P *cough* khmm)

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