Saturday, October 02, 2010

Crawling Through Gigabytes

Ten minutes after the everlasting sunshine with all the nice clouds from the paintings of Navitrolla. All changed now. Raining cats and dogs in a minute.

The most powerful moment of day - The daylight goes, the night comes. To face the sunrise soon :-)

A road trip is soooo enjoyable. You basically have the movie running real time as you dive the way. Tons of time to think about everything you never had time to. Freedom to stop aside the road, taking a picture, cup of coffee, perhaps even a little nap. To drive on, with head fresh like first snow. To notice all beauty around you. Everything has a story here in this earth, weather it is a five hundred years old tree, fifty years old human or 5 days old cowslip snapped by someone.

Just near the border with Latvia, there's a superb peaceful place, Taagepera Castle. So quiet and nice atmosphere. You step inside and you are in a time machine. All wooden stairway, grand hall, cool tiles.. So many people have these walls seen, so much stories have they heard. Marvelous.

This is how it looks from outside. Kings and Queens.

Fairytale landscape

Every time I see a landscape like this - extremely summer-like, with warm colored landscape, possibly a bright green meadow or grass, or golden yellow crop field, with some really good perspective and dream-like cloudscape and rich blue sky to enrich the whole composition, a famous Estonian artist Navitrolla returns to mind.

With regards to the photo.. note that it is raining at the lower right corner, far at the horizon :-) (August weather always offers SO much beautiful moments - summer is about to face the fall, and we can see this fight at least till the end of September).

Silky Hands

While you can be at the 52nd floor, drinking the latest blend of Starbucks and typing new Facebook message at your newest MacBook pro at your glass table, life is not always so boring and virtual :-) So some real essence of world always freshens and wakes you up :-) (Photo - Miram Cor :-)