Monday, November 24, 2008

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Twilight Zone II

Lantern against Sunrise (Sept 2008)

Waves in Motion

Sunrise Over Baltic Sea September 2008.


May 2005 (shot with Pentax *ist DS camera (6mp CCD)

Colors for Novermber. Shooting RAW - at least one stop flexibility, two with good CMOS sensor :)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008



All three recent photos - City Session November 2008





Dog Frog

Would you line to invent headline for this?

Tears of fear?
Pearls of tears?
Dot spots?
Hot shots?
Not shot hot knocks?

November Sessions 2008.

Browsing back the blog for a second I find November tends to be blog wise pretty productive..

Still Life

The Sky Moves Sideways.

November Sessions 2008


Finding colors from late autumn.

November Sessions 2008

Porsche - For Big Boys Only

For diversity, one nice car, too. Can't imagine is it from 911 series or is it something newer.. maybe cayman? :) Good old times they just used to be Carreras.

Stockholm Sessions 2008

Melody Nelson

Being somewhat positively desperate what, where or who to capture, this beauty was just spending time at street cafe, giving us permission for to take some photos. That's the story..

Stockholm Sessions September 2008

Considering this as one of my snaps this season. Thanks for the beautiful unknown model :) By the way if you accidentally happen to visit this page one fine day, send me a message - happy to send you the high res picture.


Stockholm Session September 2008

Signe III


Outdoor Sessions August 2008

Signe II

Dark Shine.

Outdoor Sessions August 2008



Outdoor Session August 2008


The Non-Existing Wannabe Big Band

Studio Sessions Sept 2008

The Session

Ready?? Shoot!

Studio Sessions Sept 2008


Tough Messenger, Cool Recipient

Studio Sessions Sept 2008

Chess Master

Vintage Chess Board. Your turn.

Studio Sessions September 2008

In Motion

In Motion - Find colors in no colors sessions :)

Is it a reason of global warming, some plants are still sooo green :-)


Eye Mania III

Digital Darkroom Overstrain

Eye II

Eye Mania II

Notice how the eye is actually out of focus. Failed perfection :-) Needs some serious re-shooting :)


Eye Mania 2008

Photo Hunter

Night falls, world best photographers will go out for some action. September 2008 KUMU Session.

Monday, November 17, 2008


September 2008 in Kadriorg - Outdoor shooting with Maire :)


Who invented designing coffee cream? Nice addition to rich aroma and perfect taste of coffee :)