Sunday, December 19, 2010

Photo Book, from, 3rd.

This is the 3rd book I've ordered from Blurb. They always offer great service and the books are of high quality. They are now using high quality printers only (I guess these were HP Indigo printers, but my info could be out of date), and you have a a choice to select 2 premium papers (of which one is "fingerprint proof") for the book.

They are also always updating their software of creating book up to date, and as far as it can be read from the almighty internet, the customer support seems to be really excellent. So kudos to Blurb and for anyone looking for serious solution to have the set of photos put together as a book, I'd definitely recommend them as one of the options to do it.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Colors II

Thunderstorm. Pirita, july 2010.

Gray energy. Virtsu, July 2010.

Sky is the limit. Kuivastu, July '10.

Rocket to the sky. Pirita, Maarjamae Memorial. Nov, '10.

Woke up one morning. Thought it's February, but was November. Ice age. Nov. '10.

The White Wall. Nov. '10.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

And the colors..

Pastel Port. Neeme, july '10

The Horizon Blow. Aasmae, August '10

Cotton Orange. Aug. '10 (Note the crow at the center)

Roof Studio. Aug. '10

Panel Rain. Aug '10.

Thursday, December 02, 2010


October, Kadriorg, Tallinn. Unknown model - can you please send her a link if you know her.. meanwhile I hope she doesn't mind the beauty is shared.

Known models :-)

Long time no hear..

Darkest time at northern pole, perfect time to crawl through some photos :-)

Black'n'white, still :-)

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Crawling Through Gigabytes

Ten minutes after the everlasting sunshine with all the nice clouds from the paintings of Navitrolla. All changed now. Raining cats and dogs in a minute.

The most powerful moment of day - The daylight goes, the night comes. To face the sunrise soon :-)

A road trip is soooo enjoyable. You basically have the movie running real time as you dive the way. Tons of time to think about everything you never had time to. Freedom to stop aside the road, taking a picture, cup of coffee, perhaps even a little nap. To drive on, with head fresh like first snow. To notice all beauty around you. Everything has a story here in this earth, weather it is a five hundred years old tree, fifty years old human or 5 days old cowslip snapped by someone.

Just near the border with Latvia, there's a superb peaceful place, Taagepera Castle. So quiet and nice atmosphere. You step inside and you are in a time machine. All wooden stairway, grand hall, cool tiles.. So many people have these walls seen, so much stories have they heard. Marvelous.

This is how it looks from outside. Kings and Queens.

Fairytale landscape

Every time I see a landscape like this - extremely summer-like, with warm colored landscape, possibly a bright green meadow or grass, or golden yellow crop field, with some really good perspective and dream-like cloudscape and rich blue sky to enrich the whole composition, a famous Estonian artist Navitrolla returns to mind.

With regards to the photo.. note that it is raining at the lower right corner, far at the horizon :-) (August weather always offers SO much beautiful moments - summer is about to face the fall, and we can see this fight at least till the end of September).

Silky Hands

While you can be at the 52nd floor, drinking the latest blend of Starbucks and typing new Facebook message at your newest MacBook pro at your glass table, life is not always so boring and virtual :-) So some real essence of world always freshens and wakes you up :-) (Photo - Miram Cor :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Street is the Day, Street is the Way

Time by t
ime it is so nice to take a day off to do some street photography.. while once a year will sometimes do, based on the experience this time, it would not hurt at all to practice it more often :-)

Got a fa
ncy old-school lens lately, a lovely Nikkor 200mm F4 AI MF, so basically, I went down to the city to learn about the lens and to see what it was capable for. As with understanding the characteristics of it now, I've made some progress. With regards to what it can produce, you can take a closer look as follows - every single on in this post is made using this lens (I'm currently using a DX 1.5 crop factor camera, so unit actually worked as 300mm F4).

So what IS street photography? Moments with some story around it? Walking around with extra battery for your baby at your pocket and having the shutter release button burned so that there's no way later to accommodate your images to your hard disk later?

Not s
ure, but for me, it is something very simple. When there's street, there are people walking on it, doing something. Whenever there are people, there's always life with them. Whenever there's life around, there's always something to take a photograph of. And perhaps to tell a story later.

New p
eople, so many faces, newborn and seniors, the way they walk, the way they talk - ain't that something admirable? So common, so usual, so daily, but still - so beautiful moments.

a nice street entertainment - see the vibrant air around her once the flames are gone.

Must it be real life always or can it be something that brings life to photograph? A machine perhaps, even a dull van can look good, when the light is good. Look at the photo for a second and imagine something/someone else there, instead of the gray van. Wouldn't it look great with the light like this? A natural studio it was. Just in this moment, time of the day, day of the month, month of the year. The Sun and its assistants - reflections, shadows, every type of visible light you can imagine.

Or can it be detail that does the photo? Is it the clarity of the photo, a quality of it? Would the following look worse without the glasses in his hand or better without the people at background, not even mentioning the nice bicycle itself? Go get it. There are billions of photos in the world, and you can always ask more.

There's always the thrill you will be noticed and the one you are taking a photograph of, would not like it. OR, you are not noticed at all, and you get something really natural, as the life actually is, without any posing..

So nice to meet fellow photographers time by time. How do they think? How do they work? What do they shoot? Could I see some pictures? So many questions, when you see someone with a camera.

I often feel I'd like to share the moments with the ones seen at the photographs. Did it this time as well and I really hope she will be contacting me and I can send her the picture.

You know
what is really exciting? You never know the answer if you say you'd like to share the picture. This time, the instant reply was "is it for for free?.." "Of course it is" I said.. "Well I guess I would not do it for free.." was the answer this time, reminding me a very similar conversation six years ago in the exhibition of cats and dogs, when I was asking for a permission for to take a photo of someone's pet. Well, this is how it goes, sometimes.

Human face, what a marvelous expression of what we all are. Age, childhood, present, future, emotions, feelings, mood - enriched with the mixture of the moment - the light around us, the environment, the people passing by..

As a final word, I'd like to quote someone (I'm sorry I don't remember who it was..), which was something as follows - humans fear time, time fears photography.

So now I know - we can fight some of the time with sometimes looking around us through the viewfinder :-)