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Saturday, September 22, 2007

swing swing

Hiiumaa 2004 -- as you can see we still live on a time where size does matter in internet. means even low quality 320x240 videos are heavily compressed not to make internet slow. sorry for the bad quality and sound, i'm a total rookie in videos (i just know you have to hold the camera as steady as possible and not to zoom in and out too often).

how rat snapped the sunflower seeds

march 2004 - rats like sunflower seeds.

This is also first MOV video in my blog, they're heavier + harder to upload than MPEG-s. I guess the google video processor is doing some extra work to convert the native macintosh algorithm to its standards. fifteen minutes at least with 3mbyte MOV - hmmm... ok canceled. Second round - trying. wow, five minutes and it's done! anyway consider some patience with MOV files.

anyway, is blogger afraid to be the runner up of the youtube? meanwhile these two sites are compareable in terms of success, not yet really comperable in terms of specifis areas, where blogger wins with blogs and youtube with movies. maybe blogger wants to start eating youtubes market? :P


this is how lottery ticket used to look like in good old soviet times. direct translation: "lottery of money and things."

Friday, September 21, 2007


smile, you are being photographed :)


vampires are around


smile hon yar bein photograbb'd

when shit hits the fan

pic is made using traditional firm camera - Pentax MZ50, Tamron 70-300mm telephoto zoom (what a lovely lens for its price), fuji superia 200 film. If you have a choice where to make prints of your photos, choose fuji laboratory if you need stunning colors. kodak and agfa has nothing to face it)

one of the most dangerous things when you trim the grass in the city area, is that you hit the dog shit. if you have a good powerful trimmer, be sure to have water nearby, because your face is full of it after hitting it :P

by the way the trimmer that you can see in the picture is OleoMac "maccaroni" 740T - very durable and powerful. It's called maccaroni because it is made in Italy, but it's supplied with Emak's (also italian industry) 2-stroke engine which lasts almost forever.


popular keywords from last week :P

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sorry - no content this time :P


Sopranos? :P


hand shaking so much than panny's lovely OIS didn't help out - june '04


smile b4st4rd! :P your beautiful face is bein' photographed :P


s ! y a b p !


It seems there'll be a little portrait photo marathon, this one's taken May 2004, Tallinn, near Soolaladu :P if this is you, please send me mail, i don't know who you are? :P (pics from 04 are made with my lovely Panny FZ10. )


Smile :) - y a b p ! :P


Smile :) you're being photographed! :P

2 advanced

If you have nothing to do, see this site:

It has been more or less a standard of where design can go and what can it be in terms of both rich media and traditional graphics design, for many years.

It also shows how powerful is one of the programs used to create this site, ADOBE FLASH (it used to be macromedia's product, but adobe has bought macromedia some years ago).

One of the talents behind this site - Eric Jordan.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

today & years ago

First of all, bad news for rally fans - Colin McRae and his son died yesterday in helicoper accident. This is very sad news for me, as I used to be a huge fan on rally when Markko Martin was driving.. but Michael Park died in 2005 in rally accident, and now McRae, one of the most legendary all time rally stars. The present and the future of both WRC and F1 are about to be pretty caleidoscoping, starting with sensational information leak scandals in F1, to that Marcus Grönholm is about to get retired from WRC.
In addition the recent history of WRC has been pretty dark, because speculatively bosses from F1 would like the masses to be interested more of F1 than in WRC (which is naturally more eye pleasing and interesting to watch than F1 - no offence). So due to the pressure to WRC recent years the event has not been so eye catching to watch, because of little participing car companies, also no heavy competition on the top (Loeb, Grönholm and Solberg only).

* * *

For sports fan, today there was a hectic discus throw competition in Sweden, Helsingbord. Top tough guys were attempting to break the world record, reigning world champion Gerd Kanter included. The results were quite interesting, with Kanter having five failures out of six resulting with a bit more than 68 meters. Estonian second participant Märt Israel throw a stunning new personal best with more than 66 meters! And finally, the most surprising event of this evening was the winning result 69.90 by Franz Kruger (former South African athlete now being in the association of Finland).

* * * * * * * * * ** * * * * * * * * * ** * *

cone from winter 2004.

.. and the cold north sunset from the same day (march 2004).

Friday, September 14, 2007

programmer needed

I'm currently looking for a good programmer to work together with. I'm doing design work by myself, so if you think we could work together, feel free to contact me via mail bright AT dlancer DOT net or via MSN msn AT dlancer DOT net :-)


Today I discovered a nice surprise in my mailbox - a real post card asking people to deal with volunteering. As no exception today, the URL was supplied, so if you are located in Estonia and think everything must not be done because of money, check out the link to get more info - HERE

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mind Valley

If you have many ideas, you are talented, and you feel your current efforts are not appreciated enough, why not to apply for a job in Mind Valley?

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Terra Mitica entertainment park in Benidorm, Spain.

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video test..

... It seems blogger resizes the videos hmm - also the quality.. it's the price of to keep internet fast :P

Remo Savisaar's photography

here - Remo Savisaar's photo blog.
Tons of awards so it's a crime not to click it.


another shot from Cueva del Tesoro. Nine months after this trip, still some stunning shots undiscovered. As with the caves in the world, there are some areas in New Guinea that scientists and geologists are just about to discover. If you browse National Geographic magazines, there's a lot of reading about it :-)

Rincon de la Victoria

Cueva del Tesoro, Rincon de la Victoria (Southern Spain, near Nerja & Almeria), November 2006


Roman Sebrle (a olympic winner, world champion, european champion, world indoor and european champion, world record holder with 9026 points in decathlon) won the long desired world champion title today. 8676p - a result that can bring gold medal only in low season in decathlon. Erki Nool scored 8815p in Edmonton 2001, being 2nd after (3 times) world champion Thomas Dvorak.

Lot's of drama this time (as usual in decathlon, and I believe it is also one of the reason that attracts public - the drama of ten events), for example Sebrle's falldown in pole vault (4.8 only), Maruice Smith's (whoops wikipedia, where is your article about this decathlete? Search string "Maurice Smith" only leads to a kickboxer born in 1961) unbelievable series in first 8 events, and finally, Sebrle's new personal mark in javelin and the final 1500m. Sebrle was even able to throw new personal best result in Javelin, resulting 71.18. (for compare, an ex world champion Andrus Varnik could throw only over 75m this year - that shows how high are decathletes in some areas. A good example is also Erki Nool's result in long jump - 8.22 - a result thad could have been bring medal from many championships).

Decathlon is being called range of light athletic kings only, and Estonia is proud to have Olympic Champion here also, mr Erki Nool, a gold medalist in Sydney, 2000. Nool also holds the Estonian record 8815p. Today, many good performers were injured resulting non participation in Osaka today and yesterday, including Mikk Pahapill (potential ~8300p), Indrek Turi (~8200) and Kristjan Rahnu (~8600p. Rahnu made 8526 points in Arles in 2005).

Next year the Olympic games are being carried in Beijing in China, so make sure you have two free days to watch decathlon next year :-)

As with medals this year, and as told before, Gerd Kanter won a gold medal in discus throw in Osaka this year :-)