Thursday, November 30, 2006


Today I had a great chance to meet Graham Mitchell today. A selection of his works are represented in Pegasus café in Tallinn, do not hesitate to step in to take look. Mr Mitchell is a high end photographer, you can contact him for your next photography session :)

Here's another site I'd like you to consider to visit - Rūta Saulytė-Laurinavičienė's photography site. Beautiful work, simple but classy web design. I specially like this image :)

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


one of the plazas of Cordoba (Spain) at night. Very peaceful and nice town (city?) with all its narrow old town streets, gardens and of course, the Mezquita Cathedral.


Have you ever had photos of your country found being unused in your hard disk? has a solution for you now! :P - cover the area where you live or where you have been, with the photos you have made from there :)

L' Oceanographic

L'Oceanographic is one of the science centers of Valencia, Spain. It is a part of beautiful science complex called Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències, which is a grand superior complex with stunning architecture.

If you ever visit Valencia, reserve few days to visit it. I had no time to visit all the parts of it, but took a day off to go to a journey to Ocean Center, which was a stunning enchanting experience to be in.

In a picture is one of many underwater tunnels, where you can see what's going on in ocean and sea life. The Ocean center is divided into five different parts, including cinema, dolphinarium, tons of aquariums, shops and underwater tunnels, enriched with little artificial environments (like rocks with waterfalls) and other extremely nice stuff.


This is where I used to spent my childhood summer holidays :)

Dreaming of living there once again one fine day, however it needs tons of bucks to be built / restored. So I don't know today when I'll be able to be there. Anyway, lovely place enough to mow grass there in summer :-)

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Crow's Eye

Little son of a crow. Perhaps 3 weeks old?.. Don't know. Was not able to fly so I pictured his eye. Lovely and blue. My grandma used to say crow is a flying rat (because of the crap that crow eats. Not false, I've seen crows eating dog's shit :P)


Hmm how tame colors. Guess IE does not support Adobe RGB?.. Anyway, I'm still not sure is it photoblog or what, just wanted to write you about a fairy tale called "US president to visit Estonia". Go get it :P

Stack Bones

Do you know what these are used for? I name it "stack (rick) bones" as my dictionary does not give me better words. These are used to stack hay so the hay can dry in the summer before getting it to loft :P Still widely used in Estonia, which is lovely in oil-age :)


South middle Spain has got some very nice desert (desert-like?) landscapes. If you drive from Valencia to Cordoba, you can meet several that kind of compositions :-)

Sunday, November 12, 2006


This is a long exposure shot from Portimao, Portugal. I had luck to visit these beautiful countries again (Spain and Portugal), if you ever have a chance, do not hesitate to go there as well. Probably more shots to come :) .. Anyway the weather is nice and snowy, so it feels a bit like christmas.