Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pentax 645D Digital. Finally.

For all Pentax 645 system fans, the long anticipated 645D is finally here:

What a pleasant surprise for the photographers having some selection of 645 lens in their shelf. Pentax promises the new 645D will work with the "old" glass like a charm.

Rumors about the mid-format digital back from Pentax have been around far more than five years, when Pentax was an independent imaging company with no Hoya (purchased Pentax Imaging at the summer of 2007) and Samsung (helped Pentax to co-develop dslr-s starting the model K10D, the cooperation was announced late 2005) in the horizon.

The unit has CCD sensor (44x33mm) by Kodak, approx. 40mpix, 11,5 ftops of dynamic range and sensitivity IOS80-800. Pentax has also included dual slots for SD/HC cards, I guess majority would have been expecting CF-s instead.

The estimate price should be $10,000 with the shipping beginning early May in Japan.

Mamiya has also announced some new models lately (with the new 56mp model as their flagship) so it will be a nice year for all the mid-format fans.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ice Age

It's March. One of the coldest winter in the last 20+ years. Some pictures from January.

Monday, March 08, 2010

Site update II

Some of the older posts are currently without the images/photos. I'm currently trying to figure it out how to make them appear again. Basically, as this blog is now located in google's server (not in my personal/ISP server anymore), it seems the data has been partially lost during the moving process.. I'll try to figure it out asap :-)

Edit: All pages/posts/images should be fixed now. Please report about any broken image/post you see, via comments. Many thanks.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Site update

Inspired by that the blogger service no longer provides FTP uploading service (meaning you can not have the content of your blog at your server anymore, but in google's, correct me if I misunderstood it, please), I'm making some changes in my blog template. Old, broken links, new links, some layout changes, etc :-)