Thursday, August 30, 2007

long jump

It has been interesting that there have been no such kind of duels in long jump competition, like it was sixteen years ago in Tokyo, where Carl Lewis and Mike Powell were about to jump near the 8.9m line. Today it would mean a definite gold medal, while these years 8.4m is often enough to win the brightest medal. By the way Powell and Lewis are watching long jump final competition in Osaka right now as I write these lines.

I highly recomment to see the biography of Carl Lewis, one of the most legendary and capable light athlete in worlds history. 9 gold (!) medals from 4 olympic games and 8 gold (!) medals from world light athletics championships is just a start ;)


Marbella, Puerto Banus (one of two main boat ports in Marbella - there are Estonian boats, too :P )


just a photo post, made in Portugal November 2006, after returning from the most west point of Europe, Cabo de St Vicente. Heading to Spain now :-) Camera was my lovely Pentax *ist DS, lens used was Sigma 15-30mm EX.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

D3, 1D MkIII and 1Ds MkIII - near perfect

Nikon has reveled a cover from the new flagship model D3 as an ultimate answer to Canon's 1Ds mkIII and/or 1D mkIII. A dream camera which you can afford for around $5000. No matter if Canon or Nikon, both ones are capable of making almost ten frames per second @ full resolution, making possible to handle 100 megabytes of data at the same time. I think it is not far of to have 25fps, which theoretically allows to make a movie with a digital SLR camera. (If you google around, you should by the way fing a movie made with a Nikon D70 - of course it is not a performance camera, but shows clearly, that it's not impossible to make a movie using current DLSRs).

august weather

If you'd like to see a contradictious weather in Estonia, August is probably the best time for it. I was not lucky to capture it all as I had only a snaphot camera with me, but there was lightning, heavy rain, direct sunlight, double full rainbow and two waterspouts all visible at the same time - stunning I have to say, have not seen a similar situation in my life before.

good news in sports

Gerd Kanter is now a world champion in mens discus throw. Today he won a long desired gold medal in light athletics world championships in Osaka, while Virgilijus Alekna, an unbeatable discus thrower for many years, was just only 4th. The winning result 68.94 was not what it was expected to be to win the title, but the more interesting will be the contest in Beijing next year, when the Summer Olympic Games 2008 take place.

Monday, August 20, 2007


jumpp! one of my favourite activities - to shoot someone jumping :) so much energy, so funny results, so fun to perform, so happy faces later :)

JUMMPPP when you can! ..

.. and duck to get some pictures, too :)

and ask your friends to jump, too :) the more the better. and let me take a picture of it :))

song festival

over perhaps fifteen years visited the estonian song festival again. this time as a visitor, not a participant. such a great feeling to hear all those voices! gorgeous.

so digitalized world. one of my fetich also to shoot someone shooting. millions of pictures of this events, probably also thousands of videos.
if you ever decide to start getting digital in photography, buy canon. because canon own the others in terms of image processing. also world press use canons, so if you visit osaka championships this year, 90% of what you see in a heavy press photographers area, is made by canon. then comes the nikon. then pentax, olympus, umm sony?.. minolta. who else makes DSLRS?
by the way leica has their digital M now. pretty decent piece of camera, one of the most original to be found today / "these days". check for the review. pana makes DSLRs too, they's more or less identican to cheaper leicas. Glass wears leica brand also, i guess it's worth it. also if you don't mind to spend more, get a medium format digital back. giver you resolution advantage and you can start your own ad agency. as with the prices in med format digital backs, it's about to decide whether to buy new car or this :P -- i feel so good now, for such a long time I've been wantin' to talk about digital cameras :)

zoo station

Not a bad idea to visit Tallinn's zoo these days. OMFG I start to overuse "these days" and making a tourism propaganda, not to mention talking too much after being idle too long. Mati Kaal has made a award-worth job though, so the red fish in of the aquariums in the zoo looks like that.

It's the iguana. who designed the animals of the world? :P from a newspaper i read some days ago that an animal called geko has 500,000 hairs in each of his leg, thousand of even smaller hair in each of the hair. who does the math.

mexican story

if you're not estonian reading this blog, remember to visit Ristna Lighthouse when visiting Hiiumaa island. This time it was exciting experience with wind being so strong that the tip of the lighthouse was like a huge bass speaker. Not like your top of the line home cinema subwoofer, but x times more powerful. Peels the paint of your wass as they say. The ticket is 20EEK (€1.3).
not sure if the wind is visible :) it's a real miracle story actually how we met. i was looking for the holy internet to find someone to teach me spanish, so i found a message board with the messages from the ppl desiring to learn languages. so we started to have conversations time by time (it's a busy life these days). guess what, one fine day i received mail if i'd be happy to meet? for sure :) so she took a trip to estonia being in a work camp here partially, but also just chilling around as well as you can see :)
so now i know someone from mexico. didn't sound too far away till i opened the world map! guess what from estonia, mexico is almost as far as north australia!the powwa of internet, what can i say. by the way I didn't know a word about carlos slim to date, meanwhile shortly after marcela left our countly, he passed bill gates, a long term leader in terms of treasure. well, money - what would you do if you had 59,000,000,000 bucks in your bank account? :P stupic question, of course.


.. the car in the picture is our old vw - sorry for mentioning, men are crazy about cars. it's from '99, server us 27,000km with no bigger problems, so i can recommend it. starts with -30C nicely (gasoline, not diesel). tons of room to accomodate all baggage. engine is perhaps a bit weak but therefore also not too thirsty. comfortable to drive also.
being first is so enjoyable. missing the ferry and being the first to wait two hours is not so. check the times before going to hiiumaa. who's there in the picture? we had a very special gues this summer from mexico :) (hi marcela how's it going?) ton's of pics from the trip. lot's of fun. a permanent legacy with three words for our daughter (boca, ojo, naris :). some pics here also. doesnt happen every day we have so special guest :)
wild strawberry. so much this year in hiiumaa, that walk the ancient forests and smell them. collecting 10kg with one night no problem. the picture may look a bit dull in terms of colors, its the adobe rgb trick, i fooled myself with it thinking to get even better colors but failed. so choose sRGB in your camera next time if you are a mediocre mainsteam like me (i mean, if you want to see too much colors). so nice weather this year in hiiumaa, i guess we're lucky with it, no bad ones last year also. such a small island, so much to see :)

sky + clouds

it's estonian sky. clouds like painting from a wall. such a drama. you can see it if you pick up right moment and take a trip to hiiumaa. be prepared though if you are late with your journey, it's not mallorca with all the restaurants open 27/365.

may i recommend you some music again, it's alan parson's project "i wouldn't wanna be like you" playing in my headphones right now. cool chillin. my headphones are philips hp890 by the way, it's a level where music start. 50 neadynium elements gosh. be sure you have nice amp for those cuties. of course it an amateur product, but when you're on a budget it makes the trick.
the trip to hiiumaa was nice this time. probably some pictures to follow. for example, this:

a bus stop just next to the sea. waiting for the bus to come :)


may i share more pictures with you? there may be a mistake in a headline actually, i don't remember whether to write it with i or y. also, do you know the tv-show 'happyness', nice english humour, find it out from congrats for the young ppl (oh i'm younger than young), nice to see weddings are still popular these days. also the 070707 was the day to fight for, this year, magic of numbers.

by the way, simple minds released their album "B&W 050505" in what date? yes, correct. hmm makes me think about music, for many years i've been thinking about i'd like to say some words about music, well start with pickin' up something from simple minds - probably the most powerful music on earth. i'm a huge fan of them, really.

blue eyes

now who's that? not quite sure. a snapshot (seems a bit underexposed hmmm) from the garden party with tons of children running/ducking around. enjoyable moments, really beautiful. just surfing the photos of this summer. about eight thousand from april.


I was more or less wrong about the summer. Have had some nice events. Time by time being photographing here + there. Just enjoy it a lot. Do you need to photograph somethin'? Let me take care of it in my amateur way. So, my lovely syster asked if I'd make a little shoot for girls night - for sure. Such a beautiful girls. Let me forward you a dialogue as well. My sister: "hi, it's my brother, he'll take some shots"; someone else: "though he's a stripper..?" ROFLMAO.


m0nst4 is a 1337 form of monster. Decided to call this cute bug in a way like that this time. Nice antennae, huh? :-) Perfect to scare people :P He can fly too. We discovered him while workin' in a garden. 1 luv bugs.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Talented Photographer

It's summer. I have no things/events to write about. 25C in Estonia these days - go out and take a sunbath.

If it will be raining + u g0t ain't sh1t 2 d0, visit this: - mysterious energy there :)