Monday, August 20, 2007


.. the car in the picture is our old vw - sorry for mentioning, men are crazy about cars. it's from '99, server us 27,000km with no bigger problems, so i can recommend it. starts with -30C nicely (gasoline, not diesel). tons of room to accomodate all baggage. engine is perhaps a bit weak but therefore also not too thirsty. comfortable to drive also.
being first is so enjoyable. missing the ferry and being the first to wait two hours is not so. check the times before going to hiiumaa. who's there in the picture? we had a very special gues this summer from mexico :) (hi marcela how's it going?) ton's of pics from the trip. lot's of fun. a permanent legacy with three words for our daughter (boca, ojo, naris :). some pics here also. doesnt happen every day we have so special guest :)
wild strawberry. so much this year in hiiumaa, that walk the ancient forests and smell them. collecting 10kg with one night no problem. the picture may look a bit dull in terms of colors, its the adobe rgb trick, i fooled myself with it thinking to get even better colors but failed. so choose sRGB in your camera next time if you are a mediocre mainsteam like me (i mean, if you want to see too much colors). so nice weather this year in hiiumaa, i guess we're lucky with it, no bad ones last year also. such a small island, so much to see :)

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