Monday, August 20, 2007

mexican story

if you're not estonian reading this blog, remember to visit Ristna Lighthouse when visiting Hiiumaa island. This time it was exciting experience with wind being so strong that the tip of the lighthouse was like a huge bass speaker. Not like your top of the line home cinema subwoofer, but x times more powerful. Peels the paint of your wass as they say. The ticket is 20EEK (€1.3).
not sure if the wind is visible :) it's a real miracle story actually how we met. i was looking for the holy internet to find someone to teach me spanish, so i found a message board with the messages from the ppl desiring to learn languages. so we started to have conversations time by time (it's a busy life these days). guess what, one fine day i received mail if i'd be happy to meet? for sure :) so she took a trip to estonia being in a work camp here partially, but also just chilling around as well as you can see :)
so now i know someone from mexico. didn't sound too far away till i opened the world map! guess what from estonia, mexico is almost as far as north australia!the powwa of internet, what can i say. by the way I didn't know a word about carlos slim to date, meanwhile shortly after marcela left our countly, he passed bill gates, a long term leader in terms of treasure. well, money - what would you do if you had 59,000,000,000 bucks in your bank account? :P stupic question, of course.

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