Monday, August 20, 2007

song festival

over perhaps fifteen years visited the estonian song festival again. this time as a visitor, not a participant. such a great feeling to hear all those voices! gorgeous.

so digitalized world. one of my fetich also to shoot someone shooting. millions of pictures of this events, probably also thousands of videos.
if you ever decide to start getting digital in photography, buy canon. because canon own the others in terms of image processing. also world press use canons, so if you visit osaka championships this year, 90% of what you see in a heavy press photographers area, is made by canon. then comes the nikon. then pentax, olympus, umm sony?.. minolta. who else makes DSLRS?
by the way leica has their digital M now. pretty decent piece of camera, one of the most original to be found today / "these days". check for the review. pana makes DSLRs too, they's more or less identican to cheaper leicas. Glass wears leica brand also, i guess it's worth it. also if you don't mind to spend more, get a medium format digital back. giver you resolution advantage and you can start your own ad agency. as with the prices in med format digital backs, it's about to decide whether to buy new car or this :P -- i feel so good now, for such a long time I've been wantin' to talk about digital cameras :)

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