Monday, August 20, 2007

sky + clouds

it's estonian sky. clouds like painting from a wall. such a drama. you can see it if you pick up right moment and take a trip to hiiumaa. be prepared though if you are late with your journey, it's not mallorca with all the restaurants open 27/365.

may i recommend you some music again, it's alan parson's project "i wouldn't wanna be like you" playing in my headphones right now. cool chillin. my headphones are philips hp890 by the way, it's a level where music start. 50 neadynium elements gosh. be sure you have nice amp for those cuties. of course it an amateur product, but when you're on a budget it makes the trick.
the trip to hiiumaa was nice this time. probably some pictures to follow. for example, this:

a bus stop just next to the sea. waiting for the bus to come :)

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