Friday, September 21, 2007

when shit hits the fan

pic is made using traditional firm camera - Pentax MZ50, Tamron 70-300mm telephoto zoom (what a lovely lens for its price), fuji superia 200 film. If you have a choice where to make prints of your photos, choose fuji laboratory if you need stunning colors. kodak and agfa has nothing to face it)

one of the most dangerous things when you trim the grass in the city area, is that you hit the dog shit. if you have a good powerful trimmer, be sure to have water nearby, because your face is full of it after hitting it :P

by the way the trimmer that you can see in the picture is OleoMac "maccaroni" 740T - very durable and powerful. It's called maccaroni because it is made in Italy, but it's supplied with Emak's (also italian industry) 2-stroke engine which lasts almost forever.

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