Sunday, September 02, 2007


Roman Sebrle (a olympic winner, world champion, european champion, world indoor and european champion, world record holder with 9026 points in decathlon) won the long desired world champion title today. 8676p - a result that can bring gold medal only in low season in decathlon. Erki Nool scored 8815p in Edmonton 2001, being 2nd after (3 times) world champion Thomas Dvorak.

Lot's of drama this time (as usual in decathlon, and I believe it is also one of the reason that attracts public - the drama of ten events), for example Sebrle's falldown in pole vault (4.8 only), Maruice Smith's (whoops wikipedia, where is your article about this decathlete? Search string "Maurice Smith" only leads to a kickboxer born in 1961) unbelievable series in first 8 events, and finally, Sebrle's new personal mark in javelin and the final 1500m. Sebrle was even able to throw new personal best result in Javelin, resulting 71.18. (for compare, an ex world champion Andrus Varnik could throw only over 75m this year - that shows how high are decathletes in some areas. A good example is also Erki Nool's result in long jump - 8.22 - a result thad could have been bring medal from many championships).

Decathlon is being called range of light athletic kings only, and Estonia is proud to have Olympic Champion here also, mr Erki Nool, a gold medalist in Sydney, 2000. Nool also holds the Estonian record 8815p. Today, many good performers were injured resulting non participation in Osaka today and yesterday, including Mikk Pahapill (potential ~8300p), Indrek Turi (~8200) and Kristjan Rahnu (~8600p. Rahnu made 8526 points in Arles in 2005).

Next year the Olympic games are being carried in Beijing in China, so make sure you have two free days to watch decathlon next year :-)

As with medals this year, and as told before, Gerd Kanter won a gold medal in discus throw in Osaka this year :-)

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