Thursday, November 20, 2008


May 2005 (shot with Pentax *ist DS camera (6mp CCD)

Colors for Novermber. Shooting RAW - at least one stop flexibility, two with good CMOS sensor :)


Wolfie! said...

I have wondered if the *istDS could do HDR. apparently it can... I thought it was too old. is there a webpage I could go to, to learn how it's done?

bright said...

Hi Wolfie! Many thanks for the comment - much appreciated. Sorry for the late reply :-)

Pentax ist* DS should have the same sensor as, for example, Nikon D70. Sony's manufactured 6mpix CCD. This was one of the most popular sensor in production for almost 5 years (if not even more). The RAW data captured with this sensor is more or less capable for HDR (high definition range). Of course, it depends, how do YOU define HDR (maybe you think the apocalyptical images (often put together using multiple frames) with ultra dark sky and almost glowing land).

Can not currently recommend any certain site with regards to ist* DS HDR/RAW content. But I'm sure the almighty google will help! :-)