Friday, May 26, 2006

Portrait contests and other sh*t

First, here's a portrait of a girl (don't know who's she). If you want to argue, if it is a portrait or not, just send me e-mail, and we can meet one fine day in some pub or so :P

Then, sorry for the word Sh*t, but hey I'm not the only one using it in this lovely word, and if you have happened to listened live concerts by Fish, then you know it can be one of the most used words ever. Together with the most beautiful words in the world :) So that much about the music recommendations (If you really decided to click the link for Fish page, I'd recommendto listen to the live album "Sushi", besides being one of the concerts with the most frinedly atmosphere, it's sound's not bad either :)

Okay I was visiting the Pentax Portrait Photo Contest 2006 final today, so how was that?.. Bad new are that my works were not worth a penny, good news are that they are about to start a long time tradition, which means everyone can enter the contest again in 2007 again. Kudos, PPPC team :P (If you are eager to get informed about the winners, here they are:

- Professionals, 1st place
- Amateurs, 1st place (if I remember right, it was by rising star photographer Kaarel Nurk)
- Children, 1st place

- Grand Prix (trip to Sri Lanka) (believe it or not? :)

Now, I agree with the 1st place of the pro-s. I also competed in pro class (aren't we all pros after we've shot 1st film? :P), so the conclusion is, that there's a lot of room to be better :)

As with the organization of contest, it did not fail at all, but it was not that Grand also, as advertised. But I'm not the right one to say, and I'm sure it will be x times better next time.
The representative of the council, also probably the heart of all the contest idea, Kaupo Kikkas could manage his tasks + the speech was fluent.

As with the other sides of the contest, I was not completely happy with the explanation of what was the critera for judging. I'm also not sure whether 5 members of the council are enough to judge the winners, but as the company was diverse, that's ok. (For example, of the judges was one of the most famous Estonian portrait artist Aapo Pukk).

As with defining which category to be belonged to, I'd quote my drawing courses teacher Ülle Marks: " For me, you are always amateurs, no matter how long your learn, or how intensive you learn" :) (greets for her, she's the best art/drawing instructor I know :)

Now what else. I promised to upload you some skins, eh. Will do that later, I'm sure pretty much before the dollar collapse + oil wars :P There's also a list of psychedelic/progressive music I'd like to recommend you, but this take some serious hours to create that list :P

And there's another thing, I'd like to ask you - if yo happen to read some of these "articles", feel free to leave a comment :P comments are cute ˆˆ

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