Saturday, May 27, 2006

Goetzis Hypo Meeting 2006

(It's Estonian decathlonist Madis Kallas in Jumping Gala 2005 in Tallinn)

First, when talking about decathlon, we have our superstar of all ages here in tiny Estonia, it is mr Erki Nool, winner of the Olympic Games in Athens, 2000, his personal best is 8815p (Edmonton 2001) - today the world record is 9026 (by Roman Sebrle, Goetzis 2001).

Today, #1 in Estonia, is mr Kristjan Rahnu (personal best 8526p (Arles, 2005). He's not in competition today, but he is expected to compete in Arles (France) this year, in June 3-4.

So, decathletes are in competition today + tomorrow, in Goetzis, Austria.

- List of athletes in competition
- live results

So, who's about to win? :) I personally hope Estonian risign stars Mikk Pahapill + Madis kallas (-PDF!-) will be able to beat their personal recors :)

First event is already accomplished, the winner is Bryan Clay from the United States :)

More information about Decathlon from this great site - Decathlon2000

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