Thursday, March 23, 2006

second blog. now with the picture. let's see how big can the picture be. I already resized my portrait for profile 2 times. ahaha.

okay, update. it seems firefox isn't performing so well with pictures. I'll try good old internet exporer then, let's see how it will work. What about fixing this, blogger. OR will I check if I have to fix myself.

okay, IE is open. let's see how it goes.

all right, IE could not hande it, also. Will take a look later, what might be the matter.

I have another complaint to blogger, ha. My profile image seems jagged to my profile page (the directly seen in page); as I do care the image look all right here, I resized it down to 60x80 (pixels) for better look. So it look okay in my page. What about thinking about that, blogger? :P

edit. 3rd time trying to add picture; the default mode still refused to work, therefore tryin' alternative methods. let's see.
Venus Flycather
okay this is the carnivore cactus family plant that eats flies.
Here's slightly bigger version available.

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