Saturday, March 25, 2006

I love my naighbours


I love dogs, too. We moved from flat to a tiny house three years ago, it was sometimes interesting to see our naighbours' dog to visit our garden. The breed should be Moscow Watchdog, if you care (I'm not sure though, because the colors do not match).

Okay this dog sometimes managed his dog business in front of my window while I was eating coffee in my kitchen. Time went by and I hoped my lovely naighbours do something to restrain their dog, but no luck. So one day I went to talk with them, hey, you dog runs in my garden, he shits around while I drink coffee, and dig up the flowers my wilfe plants every spring. Well they looked at me like I was their utmost enemy, and said they do not know about the problem. But the problem became more global (the dog jumped over the fence and walked around the streets and so), so one day a poor doggy was chained.

As with today, they do not have this dog anymore, so I have no-one to scold about anymore. But don't worry, we have a new trend to complain about these days - naighbours' children love to run through my garden to get shorter way to the street (I love in a corner plot). I noticed that a few weeks ago and I was thinking - hey, these are kids, so okay, we all have been kids and have been making stupid things.

But today they also used this cute shortcut through my garden so I opened the window and squawked them, what's going on??!! - which caused them to hide behind the trees, and run like hell when they realized they were caught in the act. My wife and I do not like that kind on lovely things, so I jumped in my car to catch these poor fishes, but no luck - young people are fast! Consider this when they walk in your property next time! So I visited my naighbours again over 3 years today hoping to get an audience to the boys' parents. I had no luck, so I speaked with one young lady and asked her if she could pass my best regards, and I'd also be interested to hear from them about the reasons why they run through my garden. I also find this is not very smart to do this when there's snow covering all the garden, so their footprints are all visible.

Well that's the story this time - small place, small problems, sometimes funny though :P

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