Thursday, March 23, 2006

link (scientific)

I'd like to share a cool link with you - Ellie Crystal's Metaphysical and Science Website

It just came into my mind, while I dug the link itself out of the holy internet years ago. The design is also stylish like created some ten years ago or so. Much useful information there, about Great Chinese Wall, mayas, atlantis, and much more. Just so much great information. Also, if the owner/creator of the site ever reads this here, do not hesitate to contact me in terms of new design - i currently make living as a freelance designer :)

Anyway, what is the point of sharing links anyway these days - google finds it all, and other major search engines. So if you know 2 words, "search+engine", you fill not fail using the internet. Well but humans mind is not able to process all this information (like we are not able to listen to all the music produced in the world, as while we listen one composition, tens of new ones are made meanwhile).

that's it. I have to check this picture-system out here, it didn't work last time. P:

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