Friday, October 13, 2006

3 weeks

have passed, what's new?

First, Estonia has a new president, mr
Toomas Hendrik Ilves. I think he is OK, I also think former president of Estonia in 1992-2001 mr Lennart Meri (1926-2006) was the best president ever. Ilves is regarded to be west-minded president, so will we get visa-free relationship with USA? I'd like to go to get some pictures from Grand Canyon in this life :P

According to one of the most popular weekly report in TV called "Pealtnägija" ("witness"), estonian police is so corrupted that when your car is stolen, thiefs and police work together. Thiefs gets your number from police to call you to sell you back your car about a half price of what it's worth. So when you come to visit estonia, be sure you leave your car home. Of course we don't know the truth :P

I have not uploaded a picture within more than a month. Here's one, pure Estonian fall:

I'm lucky to have lovely Sigma EX 15-30mm lens these days, which is hell sharp at F8, and which is a good unit for some serious landscape shots (and city shots also, as the wide angle @ 22,5mm has some essence for urban photography).

We have had successful days in sports also, mr Heiki Nabi has won world champion title in Greco-Roman Wrestling :) Nice to see young talents to rise.

We have had lovely days also from other fields of sports, our world-champion 2005 mr Andrus Värnik has published three smart statements which are:

- if you win gold medal, you rule. If you only win silver in championships, you are no-one
- when people greet me with no title "world champion" I get offended.
- I'm not too arrogant after winning the world champion title in Helsinki in 2005

People got pretty angly with him as with the "no-one" he directly meant mr Gerd Kanter, #1 discus thrower in Estonia (#2 within many seasons lately, as mr Virgilijus Alekna rules so much :P). So we have a bad boy in our sport world, too.

Also what do you think will Michael Schumacher makes it to snap gold from Fernando Alonso in the final F1 event? :) I hope Alonso wins :P


here's another picture, sunset in Nõva Beach, august 2006

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