Saturday, October 21, 2006

that noise

Well as I have no new cool pics to upload I use my endless Spain pics from 2005 this time to illustrate the boring article.

When did you last go shopping?

Estonians are crazy for shopping these days. I'm suspecting it is because of the gray/dark weather, so people get stressed and go in shiny and colorful shopping centres to feel themselves better.

I don't like shopping because after one minute in a mall I feel depressed and tired. Once a year is good enough (new jeans, t-shirt and shoes :P).

I think I also know why I'm not hearing so well these days - my ears might have been damaged in shopping centres! The level on sound/music is SO loud that my head becomes aching.. it is horrible. Why should I visit a shop with a loud level of music? I'd recommend you using nice
Peltors in shopping centres.

The situation can be even worse in terms of sound levels. I had luck to visit Alicante's (South of Spain) one of the most gorgeous shopping centres (in terms of style it was pretty much like Kristiine Keskus in Tallinn, but a lot larger). So some young-oriented shops were not shops at all, but discotheques where you can buy clothes. So the process is like you scream to the seller: "HOW MUCH??!!" and she shouts: "WHAT?!" ... and so on.

Why can't we shop in quiet (OK with nice quiet music). Because then the naighbour shop volumes up their music, and people go there because they think there's something on sale, or just more life :P So if you want to sell, rent a nightclub and your sales will grow :P

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