Friday, September 22, 2006


When I entered: "define: Gobotoru" in the allmighty google that most probably sits comfortably in everyones computer today, I got zero result.

However Estonian photographers may know that alias as one of the most skilful photo editor having his work represented in many online sites, also having his works being awarded a price in terms of digital photo etiting/manipulation. This man is mr
Anton Novozhilov. I'm 200% impressed how easily he can make his simple but brilliant ideas work together with stunning skills with after-editing the photos. Cheers, Gobotoru, and now everyone, did you click the link?

(haha, do you know the sentence "MoVe ThAt BuS?" - It seems I'm demanding to click the links I recommend, too heavily, completing each article with the bloody words Did-You-Click-The-Link?) :P

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