Thursday, April 13, 2006


shallalaa, i'm lazy updating my blog.
but let's see how it goes in near future - who knows.

Two years ago I wanted to start a freelance project - freelance community. One of my friends even helped me with starting the phpBB forum. However it seems I'm not a good project manager :) and these days, we have tons of forums out there, don't we. So my apologies for all who joined this forum.

I'm patiently waiting for the trees and plants to becobe green. Tired of gray landscapes and even grayer clouds. The photo is from April 10th, now that's some Estonian landscape. Looks a bit muddy though, I guess I should use film in summer (instead of digital, which is muddy, muddy, MUDDY. OR I haven't found the right one).

Estonian lead ornitologists also announce, that it would be great to watch birds someday these days. I totally agree. There are many of these little warblers hanging around here in spring, so if you have a second to visit forests, just do it.

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