Monday, October 28, 2013

Portraits I

There are some great places online where photographers and models can meet and set up portrait sessions. It often works in a way the photographer wants to shoot to become better at portrait photography, while the model appreciated the new fresh photographs. One of these sites is Model Mayhem (I believe its database is the largest as of today, with more than 800k models registed; however Model Management is picking up, and there are additional ones (i.e. Models Meet Photographers) if you care to do some google work). So I was also able to meet some great models and since I feel I need to improve my portrait photography skills, here come a couple of shots of each shoot.

It was a superb cooperation with E., thanks for the patience and hard work with finding the best ways for the great portraits! Truly emotional, sometimes serious, but always creative and easy to work with, it was a great experience of taking some headshots.

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