Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Lithium Picnic

- It's a gate of Denia Castle, photogpaphed in June 2007 -

First, I could not refuse to share this link with you: LithiumPicnic in DA - very classy art again :-) Pay attention to the current ID also, the nice yadda-yadda of photographic terms written in the blackboard, not to mention how deep is the expression in his face. Really enjoyable. Where do all these ideas come from? Admirable. I also like the name "lithium picnic", it's something different.. .. .. ..

I still have not found a good photo to post with this message, so I guess next time. It is actually quite hard to choose, I'm sure if I had a chance to see someone's raw material, it would be much easier to pick up good works. For example, working two weeks on someone's 3 years of digital pics, maybe a 30,000 or more, and then selecting 100 best works out from there, without previously knowing, which works are selected by author first as the best ones. That would be the way we could learn to value our arts seen through someone's else eyes. Preferably someone working/actiong at the same area though-- or what do you think?

.. so..

.. If you are THIS person, let's exchange, I'll give you all my (probably 20,000+) photos of recent 3 years, and you'll give me yours. Maybe even to publish an exhibition of the works we got? And maybe even involve more people to first make the project more fun, second to have more quality exhibition later.

I lied for you about the photo, I finally found one that I like :) traditionally placed as a first item in the post :P

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