Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Have you ever wondered when we all write blogs, then who has time to read it? :P
Let's start a NBEFTY campaign! (no blog entries for ten years) :P
The pic is taken in Spain again, near Trevelez. As the terrain is high some 1500m above the sea, expect a lot of cooler weather there.
What will we name this picture this time? I know! A life tunnel! I'm f***ing twenty-six bloody years old, and I feel I was born yesterday. That fast.
See you in ten years! Except when I ran out of supporters or sponsors for my new baby NBEFTY bloody campaign :P


Priit Raag said...

It is all about bloody advertising, even with blogs, you have to build so called reader-base. But generally blogs that focus on certain topic, news etc become pretty popular, they become like mini newspapers, newsletters that will attract readers more than personal blogs.

bright said...

Priit my friend, first of all I'm soo happy to see you browsing around in my modest blog :) If I'll have all the time in the world again, I'll publish some more thoughts :) till it'll be CNN2 or FoxNews4 :P

bright said...

also, where's your blog eh? I just clicked to your profile to see next round of LOTR by your, but I was catched by emptyness this time.. beware! I'll click your blog/profile again! :P