Sunday, July 30, 2006

Faith, Life and The City of God

This is an apricot. I've purchased some of them for degustation, and we like it, so it seems we'll buy some more to make jam of them (jam with white breat is a better sweet than skittles or cola bears :P )

Now, have you wondered what's going on in Isreal and Libanon these days. I have never understood all this magic Israel-and-Middle-East-show. I have never read a word from bible or koran, too. So I'm stupid these days. I have to authoritative friends these days, one of them has read bible from start to end and vice versa many times, to find how it is all connected with basis of all world and life today. And the second one tells me that why should one read just a history of jew nation. I personally believe that faith doesn't matter, but personality does.


Have you lately seen any movie, I happened to see the City of God (Cidade de Deus) - it is a nice seeing for the relatively rich european man, the movie talks about ghettos of Rio de Janeiro, and of the sentences in the start of the movie is something like this: the most part of Rio do Janeiro is far of what you have seen in postcards.. so, see the movie now.

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