Thursday, June 08, 2006


Hmmmm nothing fancy these days. Except that have had a great opportunity (thanks Merje) to make some freewear shots with some great models like Madli (yes, click it, don't wait for the better government).

I'm also attending spanish courses these days, that's why not surfing the holy internet too much. Our teacher is an interesting person, as there are also interesting ppl everywhere in the world, and I enjoy learning spanish. I wouldn't tell the date I'll speak spanish, it is like (quoting someone I don't remember, sorry) urinating against wind (sorry for the tactless thoughts).

Well what else. Yesterday I was lookin' at the world map, and it is a phenomenon that mayority of the world's population, some 3-4 billion people (including China + India) live in Asia + Oceania, while the territoy of these countries is equal/smaller than the territory of Russia. While there are only ~140 million people living in Russia. So, what is the force that holds back ivasion to Russia (as one of the most resourceful countries these days) when Asian people decide to move to the north? :P

Today I read from the news that price of the crude oil is to drop as Iran and Western countries are no longer to fight so much again. So step on the gas again, like it was the very last day you can tank and drive :P

Do you know what's specific to Estonian's climate? That theres 10C two times a year, in June and in December. Today we're suffering from the same here :P

A month ago we were planting 3x6 gladioluses in our tiny garden. 8 of them have risen so far, so you better be more careful takining care and treating them when you are about to do the same, because the flowers seem to be a bit finicky :P

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